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What Sets Us Apart

Our business is owned, and operated by a certified registered adult nurse practitioner with expertise in geriatric care and over 30 years of experience in the long term healthcare field.

We have a dedicated medical professional whose job it is to act as a family liaison in their communication with physicians, hospitals and medical personnel when complications arise in the hospital, rehab center, assisted living, or even at home.

Because we are owned, operated and overseen by a registered adult nurse practitioner, we communicate more efficiently with doctors and other medical practitioners on behalf of the patient and their family.

With a dedicated scheduling manager, we are able to provide companion care more quickly with an extremely fast response time, often providing a qualified caregiver the same day.

MCM employs a long term care insurance specialist on staff to help our clients ease the burden of initiating claims and providing the proper documentation to their insurance providers. As a professional Maryland-licensed residential service agency, we are able to ensure clients and their families receive the fastest reimbursements possible with less frustration and without wasting time.

We have a high-level, unique relationship with a local doctor house call company (Capital Coordinated Medicine) that is available to see our patients in their homes utilizing their Medicare benefits; especially convenient for our clients who have difficulty leaving their homes to see doctors.

Our company is owned and managed by a husband and wife team who grew up in Montgomery County, and have been working in long term care locally for over 30 years. This familiarity provides us with the advantage of being well-connected with hundreds of medical providers and medical facilities in and around the DC Metro area allowing us to know which ones to recommend and which ones to avoid.

All of our caregivers and managers adhere to the ‘Medical Consulting and Management Client Code of Ethics’ ensuring that patients and their families are treated with the utmost of respect and care with the assurance that all patients live the highest quality of life possible. From the feedback we’ve received, our clients are being treated with more kindness and love than they’ve gotten from anywhere else.

We have a dedicated patient advocacy services team who help patients navigate their journey through the healthcare web on their way back to good health. Whether it’s a surgical procedure or treatment of some kind, we are with the patient every step of the way to ensure they get the correct healthcare, medication and treatment so that they go from sickness back to great health as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible.

We employ an OPEN DOOR policy for all of our patients and their families so that if ever a difficulty arises, or a discussion needs to be had we have a ZERO RESISTANCE POLICY in place to hear all of our patients and their families out to solve any problems that may arise as quickly as possible.

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