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Aging parents. Care in the comfort of your home

Knowing when to ask for help at home can be difficult.

We make it easy to keep you or 
your loved ones safe, strong and active in the comfort of home.

We care for your loved ones

Subtle changes in mood, behavior or physical appearance indicate a need for assistance and oversight.

   Are you or your loved

one concerned about...

  • Losing independence and relying on others.

  • Becoming a “burden” to family or friends.

  • Getting sent away to a nursing facility.

  • Recent falls or problems with balance, slower reflexes.

  • Forgetting to take medication and getting refills.


  • Missing doctor appointments or other memory issues.

  • Not as confident driving a car, unknown damage to car.

  • Loneliness, isolation, lack of companionship. 

  • Issues with constipation or diarrhea.

  • Arthritis or other chronic joint or other pain causing immobility.

  • Osteoporosis, brittle bones vulnerability to fractures.

  • Heart diseases, blood pressure issues requiring medication and regular doctor visits.

  • Diabetes requiring finger sticks, insulin, doctor visits.

   Have others noticed...

  • Running basic errands has become difficult.

  • House cleaning, upkeep of the house needed, accumulation of clutter.


  • Unpleasant odors, uncomfortable temperature in house.


  • Paperwork stacking up, bills going unpaid.


  • Loss of weight, not able to prepare meals.


  • Poor nutrition, not getting to grocery store as easily.


  • Lack of medical follow up or follow through with doctors’ instructions leading to health issues or decline. 


  • Poor vision leading to balance issues and possible falls, unsafe driving situations.


  • Incontinence of bowel or bladder.


  • Vulnerability to scam artists particularly (Medicare, IRS and Social Security and others) fraud over the telephone or email.

Caring Hands

Being proactive rather than reactive can save you from a world of heartache...maybe worse.


in your home.

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of being safe and in your home. Get the help you need so you remain independent and enjoy being in a place where you are completely familiar.


well at night.

You and your family will sleep more soundly knowing that you are well taken care of. Rest easily knowing you are not a burden and are safe and secure in your own home.


life to the fullest.

Remain healthy, active, and engaged as you lead a more vibrant life with less stress, anxiety and worry. Enjoy visits with your family without having to rely on their assistance.

We Know It Might Feel Uncomfortable

We know what it feels like to think you are losing some or all of your independence. You deserve to stay at home for as long as you wish. Having someone in the house to help you can seem uncomfortable at first. We understand and we know you don’t want to be a burden on your family, friends or your spouse. MCM was founded in 2004 by certified registered adult nurse practitioner, Andrea Kohn, RN CRNP to help her clients navigate safely and comfortably during this season of their lives. As a medical practitioner who sees patients in their homes with over 30 years of experience, Andrea and MCM have been instrumental in assisting hundreds of people on their journey to a more fulfilling lifestyle full of comfort, dignity and security. 


MCM clients enjoy the advantage of having a highly experienced medical professional oversee the staff who each take a vested interest in the health and well being of every client. Assisted by her husband, Steve, who oversees the administrative side of the business, MCM treats each customer and their family as though they are a part of one big MCM extended family.

Andrea S. Kohn, RN CRNP, founded MCM in 2004 to help her patients and their families navigate their unique health situations in any season of life.

Andrea S. Kohn, RN CRNP, founded MCM in 2004 to help her patients and their families navigate their unique health situations in any season of life.


Call us

Give Us A Call

Have a private discussion about your unique situation with no obligation and in complete confidence. Even if we don’t end up doing business together we will help professionaly guide

you---contact us here.


In-home Assessment

We will assess your basic needs, make appropriate recommendations, and suggest any physical adjustments needed in the home. Then we will develop a detailed plan of care and match your personality to that of an appropriate in- home assistant who will continue to help you enjoy your life to the fullest.

Begin Your Plan

Start to implement your specially designed care plan where YOU are the number one priority, no one else. It is all about you and your life and allowing you to feel safe and comfortable while keeping you active and engaged in the comfort of home.

Respite Care

If you are the primary caregiver of your loved one and need a break for a day or a month we are happy to help you beginning with 4-hour minimum shifts all the way up to 24-hour coverage.

Companionship Care

Many people simply need someone to talk to on a regular basis while going through the day. Regular active engagement from a qualified companion aide can be vital to the mental and physical health of a loved one.

Meal Prep and Grocers

Meal Prep & Groceries

Our caregivers can assist with grocery shopping and meal preparation no matter what your diet. We can also help put you in touch with a personal professional chef.

Light Housekeeping

Light Housekeeping

From changing the sheets to doing the dishes and taking out the trash, we are happy to provide light housekeeping assistance to keep your home looking neat and organized.

Remaining Active

Remaining Active

Our caregivers can help you with specific exercises prescribed by your physical therapist or simply take you out on a walk or drive to somewhere fun. Getting out of the house can be therapeutic and we can help you remain active.

Personal Care and Hygiene

Personal Care and Hygiene (ADLs)

From bathing, grooming to dressing or getting help in the bathroom, we help you maintain your sense of dignity, independence and respect.



Those caregivers who drive are able to take you on appointments, run an errand for you or even take you across town to see your family. It’s all part of the job and we are happy to help get you there.

Medication Management

Med Organizing

Sometimes keeping track of medication and prescriptions can be a challenge. One of our nurses can provide you with regular medication organization and can help keep you compliant with your doctor’s orders.

Medical Consulting and Advocacy

Medical Advocacy & Consulting

If you are in a complex medical situation and need help to navigate from specialist to specialist, or you just need someone who can communicate effectively with your doctors, MCM can help give you peace of mind.

Alzheimer, Dementia & Parkinson's Care

Alzheimer’s Dementia & Parkinson’s Care

Clients who have Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Dementia require special treatment from their caregivers, and MCM knows just how to work with people with a variety of physical and cognitive ailments. Here are three excellent resources to help deal with a loved one with Dementia. Click on: one, two or three.

Our Promise to You

As a valued client of Medical Consulting and Management, you will be treated like a beloved family member. Not just another member of the family, but a uniquely special "mother, father, aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, sister, brother” who means the world to us and your family.



13600 Aqua Lane, Suite 100

Rockville, MD 20850

Phone: (301) 424-5539

Fax: (301) 424-1365




We will be known as the most patient-focused home health organization in the industry because our customers deserve the utmost respect and the highest, most personalized level of care possible for the rest of their lives.

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