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What Sets MCM Apart?

MCM is family owned and operated by a husband-wife team, certified registered adult nurse practitioner, Andrea S. Kohn, RN, CRNP and Steve Kohn. Andrea has expertise in geriatric psychiatry (working alongside Dr. Nicholas Schor of Olney Psychiatry), geriatric care management, patient advocacy and over 30 years of experience in  long term healthcare in the DC area. She works with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and all forms of dementia on a daily basis and helps families come to terms with and learn how to live with their loved ones' various disease processes. She coordinates medical care for MCM clients and supervises a team of RNs who are expert at managing the unique needs of clients. Since 2014, Steve has benefitted from being right by Andrea's side in the business, learning first hand about the intricacies of dealing with complex medical and family advocacy situations. Both Andrea and Steve have called Montgomery County, Maryland home for well over 50 years and know the ins and outs of how to best navigate the maze that is the healthcare system in this area.

Uniquely positioned as a business with a dedicated medical professional at the helm, MCM can be your family liaison in communications with physicians, hospitals and medical personnel when complications arise in the hospital, rehab center, assisted living, or at home. Andrea recently published "Return to Sender: A Collection of Medical Advocacy Stories Through the Eyes of a Nurse" which details her experiences over the years working as a patient advocate for families in a variety of situations and that helps the reader understand how to advocate for themselves or a loved one in difficult medical circumstances. She and MCM's team of CRNPs and RNs have the experience they need to communicate more efficiently with doctors and other medical practitioners on behalf of the client and their family which can reduce the family's level of stress and give them confidence that a better outcome is possible.

With a dedicated scheduling management team, MCM is able to provide companion or higher level care more quickly with an extremely fast response time, often providing a qualified caregiver the same day. One of MCM's core beliefs is that it is in business to provide the most consistent, highest level of care possible for each client, and therefor it does its best to keep the same care staff scheduled for its clients as much as possible reducing the number of new faces in the homes of clients.


MCM employs a long term care insurance specialist on staff to help clients ease the burden of initiating claims and provide the proper documentation to their insurance providers. As a professional Maryland-licensed residential service agency, MCM ensures clients and their families receive the fastest reimbursements possible with less frustration and without wasting time. In addition, MCM has high-level relationships with local medical house call providers who are available as primary care providers to see clients in their homes under their Medicare benefits; especially convenient for those clients who have difficulty leaving the home to see a doctor or get lab work, X-rays and other testing completed. It is now possible to get this done in the comfort of home and MCM can show you how.


All MCM caregivers and managers adhere to the "Medical Consulting and Management Client Code of Ethics" ensuring that clients and their families are treated with the utmost respect and care with the assurance that all clients live the highest quality of life possible. From the feedback it has received, MCM clients are being treated with more kindness and love than they’ve gotten from anywhere else.


Tapping into its experience with advocating for its clients, MCM has a dedicated patient advocacy services team who help clients navigate their journey through the healthcare web on their way back to good health. Whether it’s a surgical procedure or other medical treatment, MCM is with the client every step of the way to ensure they get the correct healthcare, medication and attention to allow them to go from sickness back to great health as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible.

MCM knows that when people are faced with giving up some of their independence in exchange for their own safety or care that it may not always go smoothly. In light of this, MCM employs an OPEN DOOR policy for all of its clients and their families so that if ever a difficulty arises, or a discussion needs to be had there is a ZERO RESISTANCE POLICY in place. This ensures all clients and their families are truly heard so that any problems that may arise can be solved as quickly as possible. Since 2005, MCM has benefitted from the kind referrals of satisfied friends and families who have received outstanding care over the years. Some of its original clients' families still refer exclusively to MCM which speaks volumes about the type of care and attention MCM provides for its clients. Call today to speak with an expert about your unique situation to see if MCM is the right fit for you or your family. (301) 424-5539 

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