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What Sets MCM Apart?


Led by the husband-wife team of Andrea S. Kohn, RN, CRNP, and Steve Kohn, MCM stands out for its unique approach.

Medical Consulting and Management (MCM) Helps Families Navigate Home Healthcare with Excellence:

  • Expertise and Specialization:

    • Andrea’s 30+ years of experience in DC-area long-term healthcare, particularly in geriatric psychiatry, sets MCM apart. She adeptly handles complex cases related to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia as well as many other comorbidities.

  • Holistic Care Philosophy:

    • MCM goes beyond medical expertise, considering social, emotional, and family aspects. Their comprehensive support ensures clients’ well-being.

  • Local Roots and Insight:

    • Both Andrea and Steve have deep ties to Montgomery County, Maryland. Their understanding of the local healthcare landscape benefits clients.

  • Family Liaison Services:

    • MCM acts as a bridge during complications—whether in hospitals, rehab centers, or at home.

    • Clear communication with physicians, caregivers and families ensures everyone is informed.

  • Andrea’s Empowering Book:

    • “Return to Sender: A Collection of Medical Advocacy Stories Through the Eyes of a Nurse” draws from Andrea’s extensive advocacy experience. Readers learn effective ways to advocate for themselves or loved ones during medical challenges.

  • Efficient Communication and Collaboration:

    • MCM’s CRNPs and RNs work closely with caregivers and doctors. Streamlined communication ensures optimal care and faster outcomes.


MCM's commitment to excellence in business practices sets it apart:

  • Swift Response Time:

    • Our dedicated scheduling management team ensures rapid access to companion or higher-level care.

    • State-of-the-art client portal and communications technology facilitate efficient coordination of scheduling and delivery of care.

    • Qualified caregivers are often available the same day, minimizing wait times.

  • Consistency and Familiarity:

    • MCM believes in providing unwavering, top-tier care for each client. It prioritizes continuity by maintaining consistent care staff, reducing the introduction of new faces into clients’ homes.

  • Insurance Support:

    • On-staff long-term care insurance specialists assist clients with claims initiation and proper documentation.

    • MCM streamlines the reimbursement process, minimizing frustration and delays.

  • Medical House Call Partnerships:

    • MCM collaborates with local medical house call providers who offer primary care services in clients’ homes under their Medicare benefits, especially beneficial for those with mobility challenges.

MCM is dedicated to Impeccable Performance Standards:

  • Client Code of Ethics:

    • All MCM caregivers and managers adhere to the “Medical Consulting and Management Client Code of Ethics.”

    • Clients and their families receive utmost respect and care, ensuring the highest quality of life outcomes possible.

  • Kindness and Love:

    • Feedback from MCM clients consistently highlights the compassionate treatment they receive from their caregiving staff as well as the administrative support staff.

    • MCM's approach goes beyond medical expertise—it’s about kindness and love and treating clients and their families the way they deserve to be treated.

  • Patient Advocacy Services:

    • MCM’s dedicated patient advocacy team guides clients through their healthcare journey.

    • Whether it’s surgery or other treatments, MCM ensures correct healthcare, medication reminders, and attention to detail for a swift return to great health.

  • Open Door Policy:

    • Recognizing the challenges of transitioning from independence to safety, MCM maintains an open-door policy for its clients and their families. MCM listens actively, with a zero-resistance approach, swiftly addressing any issues that may arise.

  • Legacy of Trust:

    • Since 2004, satisfied friends and families have referred to MCM.

    • Original clients’ families continue to exclusively recommend MCM to other friends and family—a testament to the care and attention provided by the organization. 

MCM’s blend of expertise, compassionate advocacy, efficient communications and a personalized approach to each client sets it apart as a trusted partner in healthcare and ensures exceptional care and peace of mind for its clients and their families. Call (301) 424-5539 today to discuss your unique situation and discover if MCM is the right fit for you and your family. 

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