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We Know It Might Feel Uncomfortable

We know what it feels like to think you are losing some or all of your independence. You deserve to stay at home for as long as you wish. Having someone in the house to help you can seem uncomfortable at first. We understand and we know you don’t want to be a burden on your family, friends or your spouse. MCM was founded in 2004 by certified registered adult nurse practitioner, Andrea Kohn, RN CRNP to help her clients navigate safely and comfortably during this season of their lives. As a medical practitioner who sees patients in their homes with over 30 years of experience, Andrea and MCM have been instrumental in assisting hundreds of people on their journey to a more fulfilling lifestyle full of comfort, dignity and security. 


MCM clients enjoy the advantage of having a highly experienced medical professional oversee the staff who each take a vested interest in the health and well being of every client. Assisted by her husband, Steve, who oversees the administrative side of the business, MCM treats each customer and their family as though they are a part of one big MCM extended family.



Andrea S. Kohn, RN CRNP, founded MCM in 2004 to help her patients and their families navigate their unique health situations in any season of life.

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